Top 10 White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques

This is basic business – If you are going to take the time to build a website to post on the web, it makes absolutely no sense to utilize some very basic search engine optimization techniques. That will certainly increase the likely hood that you will receive some decent rankings AND traffic from the search engines.

When it comes to SEO or search engine optimization there are two main factors that determine your website’s ranking. Both of these you have control over, but once you have a greater deal of control so this is what I want to concentrate these issues discussed on.

The two main factors are “on page” that you can easily tune-up in your favor and “off-page” factors that have to do with backlinks and how other sites link or “point” to your website.

Whether you are building a brand new page or updating a current website – these on-page factors are simple white hat techniques that will place your page over 90% of the websites out there. It amazes me why so few people employ these techniques.

1-Select domain names and file names that contain your main keywords. If you are building a brand new site and are selecting a domain name – choose one where your main keyword is the first word of the domain. When building individual pages within your site -name the pages with the main keyword of that page – so a page where I will write about artic wolves I would name /artic-wolves.html

2-Keyword Phrases – these are the search terms that you want your page to rank for.
The first place you should have the main keyword phrase is in your meta title tags within your HTML. The optimum way to write a title tag is Main Keyword Phrase | Secondary Keyword Phrase – Avoid nothing words such as, the, a, is, etc.

3-This keyword phrase should be in bold or h1 tag the very first word in the visible text of your website.

4-The meta tag description is one of the most important sentences you will write for your web page. Think of this sentence as your “hook”. In most cases this is what is used as content in the search engine listings – so write a sentence that makes the reader want more – to go visit your website.

The main keyword phrase should be located about the 3rd or 4th word in this sentence. Optimally you want to use 2 sentences with the second one being a “take action” type of sentence.

5-The meta tag keyword – use your main keyword phrase first, try not to repeat, and use maximum 7 keyword phrases

For a handy tool to help you write correctly coded meta tags that you can then insert into your HTML:

6-Your main keyword phrase should also be found as one of the very last words on your webpage – at the very bottom of your page.

7-Other than above you do not want to use your keyword phrase to a point where it will exceed 2-5% of the total number of words on your page. You can use our keyword density tool located here:

8-Do not use dynamic generated URL or frames – use constant firm URLs such as .html, .php

9-Use keyword phrases within your graphics and alts AND titles of your graphics – example:
<img src=”” height=”50″ width=”50″ alt=” Cheapest Price Gold Bracelet” title=” Cheapest Price Gold Bracelets”>

10-Use keyword phrases when linking to other pages within your website.

While some try to tweak and turn every nuance or algorithm change of the search engines, your site will be ahead of 90% of the websites out there, by simply integrating these basic SEO fundamentals.