Can You Over-Do SEO?

Unfortunately, many people’s idea of good SEO is filling a page of content with keywords. While keywords are essential in order for search engines to determine what your website is about, today it’s more important than ever to include original, informative content that your readers will find valuable.

How many times have you visited a website that was obviously overdone with keywords to the point that the content was almost unreadable?

It just feels gross and kind of desperate when you’re on a page that is trying to hard with keywords.

Today, this is known as “keyword spamming,” and the search engines may penalize website owners by way of dropping rank in the search results. Besides, visitors aren’t going to hang around on a “keyword stuffed” site for long, so what’s the point?

Many web masters (or their SEO firms) seem to be tunnel-visioned when it comes to SEO. If a little SEO is good, then more has got to be better, right (this is a good article on the topic: Not necessarily. Search engines – in particular Google – now have the ability to analyze your website, although you may not even know it. Google can analyze how long a visitor stays on your website, the pages they visit, and more. They are now using this information to rank websites, along with proper optimization.

What does this mean for you?

That your website should be inviting and informative for your visitor. Search engines are now trending toward favoring websites that offer an exceptional user experience.

Here’s the thing.  Just about every answer in regards to search is, “It depends”.

If you think of your website as a business, do you ever stop building your business?  Not if you’re successful, not if you’re making money.

So, if you are making progress with your website, and you are getting more relevant page view, then why would you stop improving your site?

If you are working with a Reno SEO company that is understanding of your business goals, ethical, and can provide results, then you should keep on.

Think about it, working on your website’s visibility is a form of marketing.  You spend money on marketing to get more money or revenue coming back into your business.  If you spend $1.00 in direct response mailers, and that results in $2.00 in revenue coming back into your business, of which, $.50 is profit, you just spent money to make money.

You’ve made more money than you’ve spent, so why would you stop?  It would only make sense for you to stop putting money in, if after a reasonable set of time, you did not get any return, or the return on investment that you were expecting.

Now, in regards to the technical aspects of SEO, is there such a thing as too much?  Sure.

While it is true that keyword density is used to rank websites, the surrounding text is just as important. Your content should offer an overall context that lets search engines know what your site is about, which may include LSI (or Latent Symantec Indexing).

What’s that?

LSI is simply a method of letting search engines know what your site is about by using other terms around your primary keywords that help them send the “right” kind of visitors to your site. For example, “plates” may be one of your most important keywords, but are you talking about dinner plates or license plates?

Not only is it important to offer great content because that’s what search engines want, you’ll likely achieve higher rankings naturally – because other sites like to link to those that offer quality content. Think about it for a moment. If you were to do a search for a particular topic and visited two websites, one that was “stuffed” with keywords but offered little value, and one that answered your questions and compelled you to keep reading, which would you prefer?

Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Even today, most search agencies don’t understand keyword density.  Do you need to have your keywords in your content?  Yes, absolutely.  But, you only need to add your keywords where it matters.  And you only need to add your keyword once, in the areas it matters.

Repeating your keywords over and over is not helpful or useful to a bot to understand what your webpage is about.  Very similar to how it doesn’t help to speak louder, or yell, to someone that doesn’t speak the same language as you, hoping that they will understand just because you’ve spoken louder.

Ideally, your content should be well-balanced.

While you want to optimize with your chosen key terms and phrases, you never want to over-do it.

To make your website stand out in search results, focus on the basics.  Make sure that your website is understand able.  You can do this by using clean URL’s.

If you use WordPress, make sure you select Post Name in the Permalinks setting.  Here’s what it looks like:

url seo

Next you’ll want to make sure you have Page Titles that make sense and are useful.  This is also a good place to put a keyword.  An example of a Page Title on your homepage, if you are a roofing company, might be: Acme Roofing Company | Dallas, TX.

The page title is a place where a bot goes to look for info.  So in the example above, the bot has a pretty good idea that the page it’s on is about roofing in Dallas, Texas.

Anchor text is another area that people get wrong and do too much keyword stuffing.  Anchor text is supposed to be useful in relevant.  So, using the roofing example, on the home page there might be anchor text that says: Our Services, and it links to the inner page that talks about roofing services, like inspections, repairs, and replacements.

No need to stuff keyword like “Roofing Company Dallas”, when “Our Services” makes much more sense.

Most people look for ways to game the system and sneak to the top of the Google search results.  You don’t really need to do that.  You can just know the important stuff, the basic stuff that aligns with how information is displayed on the internet, and just keep working on that.

Can you do too much SEO?  Well, not if you’re building.  If you are building a great business, then no, just keep going.  Think about what Amazon would be if they stopped once the were just a $100 million dollar company?

Now they’re about to take over the world.

SEO isn’t just about keywords. It’s about creating original, valuable content that mingles all of the elements together in just the right mix.